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About us

Li-Shen was founded in 1963 with a purely handmade machinery factory. With 70 people work in this facility start a revolutionary creation. We were requested by the battery manufacture in our complex for a ball mill to produce lead oxides. It's a customized request so Li-Shen comes up with a design to full fill their request. At the same time, we set the ball mill standard to a higher level. The first multi-zone temperature control ball mill.

  • Multi-Zone Temperature
  • Cooling water spray
  • Maximize Oxidation Zone
  • Weight Control
  • Air Flow Control
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In lead acid battery manufacture, the temperatures and the appearant density of the oxide is the keys of the final oxidation product. Our ball mill not only can meet the criteria from the factory also can reach the desired production rate.

Multi Temperature Zone

To have better temperature controls within the ball mill

Cooling Water Spray

To obtain the steady oxidation temperatures

Air Flow Control

To obtain the certain amount of oxide and particle size

Weight Control

To control the lead lump weight insdie of the ball mill

Where are our machines

machine around the world

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