Concept & Parameters

  • 1 Weight Control
  • 2 Temperature Control
  • 3 Air Flow Control
  • 4 Maximize Oxidation Zone

In Lih-Shan Ball Mill, the oxide particles are lifted by the inlet air through air nozzles. Only the desired particles are carried out along the air stream and stabilize the Scott density range of oxide.

The inner temperature of Ball Mill could be controlled by cooling system, within the requested temperature it shoule expect the stabilized of oxidation degree of oxide.

The inner temperature of Ball Mill

Control System

  • Programmable Controller
  • Recorder
  • Pressure Indicator for Air
  • Interface Monitouch system
  • Temperature Controller
  • Kilowatt Controller
  • Multi-Zone Temperature Controllers
  • Weight Controller for Hopper (option)

Besides the control system listed above, we have many optional designs to enhance the functions and performance of Ball Mill. Please see attached systems below:

  • Automatic Lead Ingot Feeding system
  • Dross Feeding system
  • Lead Lumps High Speed Cutting system
  • Lead Lump Hopper and Feeding system
Standard Arrangement
Auto Flow Arrangement
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