Design Concept

There are two important control instruments used in Oxide Storage Silos and all the battery manufacturers must consider carefully on these factors. One is the weight of oxide inside the silos to guarantee uninterrupted plant operation and the other is the temperature of oxide within the silo need to be monitored.

To prevent any oxide burning inside of storage silo problem, nitrogen spray system is connected for caution purpose.

Based on our experience (maximum 80 tons per silo), it is possible to affect or improve the flowability of oxide by applying a silo construction with the most recent technological development when build a storage silo.

As we known the fineness and sticky characteristics of oxide sometimes would cause some troubles in discharging: such as Rat-holing, Arching, Bridging.

The quoted problems of bridging and funnel flow in silos were investigated on large scale experiments, with these possible causes in the geometrical design of the storage silos which emptying should be assured by an undisturbed mass. There are situations in which mass flow silos cannot be installed for some reasons such as space limitations and capacity requirements or too strong cohesive forces within the oxide particles. To handle the situation, we offers flow assisting devices to help the oxide discharging like Bin Activator.

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