Modern mixing technique is utilized for an important task in battery industry. It is important to choose right mixing device combines with certain recipes tomake specific battery. Lih-Shan has long-term experience in mixing treatment with different recipes for various batteries, combined with proven mechanical technology.

Main features

  • Accuracy in weight measurement
  • High shearing force for mixing
  • Effective dust collecting for environment
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Moisture and temperature control

Three major models

  • Paddle Paste Mixer MX-101
  • Paddle Paste Mixer MX-102
  • Kneader Mixer TK
paddle paste mixer models

The mixer body is made of SUS-316 stainless steel and machining under vertical turning lathe after welding. This procedure is to ensure the housing body within accurate dimension which is the important factor to minimize the remained paste inside of the mixer. All the mechanical structure is designed for long service life and effectively eliminated corrosion, abrasion and wear troubles.

Control System

  • Minimum six recipes provided
  • Accurate ingredient weights
  • Temperature curve and control
  • Moisture control basis
  • Mixing time accumulation
  • Acid dumping speed
  • Easy input for alarm settings
  • Alarm indication with trouble shooting
  • Delicate engineering service
system control and Typical Arrangement

Kneader Mixer

he Kneader Mixer consists of two counter-rotating blades in a rectangular trough curved at the bottom to form two longitudinal half cylinders and a saddle section.

Auto Flow Arrangement
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