vertical mill

Roller Mill

  • Continuous operation 24 hours a day.
  • Electrically maintained at optimum load.
  • Rugged construction for long time operation.
  • Manganese steel rollers & ring for wear resistance.
  • Product fineness by adjusting the separator speed.


From regulating rotary feeder situated outside the mill, material to be ground is fed to inside of the fixed ring. Plow plate moves the material outwards into the rotating path of the rollers.


Size reduction takes place between the rollers and the ring by centrifugal crushing and attrition. To minimize wear there are made of special manganese alloy steel between the rollers and the ring.


The ground material is carried in the annular air stream up through the mill to a double whizzer separator, the rotating blades impart centrifugal force to the rising dust laden air. Oversize particles are rejected by the blades and returned to the mill for further grinding, while the required product passes through. Separation control is achieved by varying the number and speed of rotation of the separator blades.

Air Circuit

Required fineness powder is conveyed through the blades to the separator outlet and into a cyclone collector, fitted with rotary valve which will discharge into the next processing stage or for storage or bagging. The cleaned air from the cyclone collector is recirculated by the blower to the mill, via the return air casing, which will give air distribution to the annular air space around the mill base. Mill, separator and cyclone are operated under suction, vented from the pressure side of blower to a dust filter which discharges the dust into the cyclone product stream.


To ensure continuous operation of the plant under optimum conditions of through put and product quality, an automatic feeder driven by an ampere controller is fitted to the mill which is equipped with high and low limit relay output. The optimum ampere controller to control rotary feeder, as well as the optimum control of main blower current. An overriding control provided by the mill motor current limit to protect the mill out of overload from material feeding.

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