vertical mill

Super Micron Mill

  • Inverter controlled uniformly material feeding.
  • Special alloy steel grinding tips for wear resistance.
  • To produce ultra-fine powder, usually less than 10 mm.
  • Additional classifier system for fineness range control.

Super Micron Mill is also called Attrition Mill, size reduction is effected by particles breaking each other after having acquired energy to do so from a solid impeller. The principal task of Super Micron Mill is to produce very fine material (< 10 mm). They permit control of the product within a very narrow size range. Super Micron Mills typically handle small quantities of material and are therefore used only in special applications requiring closely controlled fine grinding.

The material is uniformly fed into inlet hopper of Super Micron Separator by an inverter controlled screw feeder mechanism. The grinding chamber consists essentially of a rotor assembly fitted with grinding knives and operated at high rotor speeds; the grinding knives are tipped at the wearing edge with abrasive resistant alloy. The ground powder is conveyed by suction air flow and collected by pulsaire collector.

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