Ultra Micron Separator

Super Micron Mill

  • Multi-wheel design, 3 wheels installed parallel in one classifier.
  • Inverter controlled sharp cut separation to 325 mesh 99.99%.
  • At high output rate of ultra-fine end product.
  • Rigid structure provides longer service life.
  • Applicable to a variety of materials.

The UMS-3315 Ultra Micron Separator is a successfully achievement in which incorporates three independently parallel classifiers installed in one major classifier. Inverter controls the speed of 3 classifying wheels, thus the ultra fine powder is able to be obtained at high output rate. The feed, is dispersed and entrained in the air stream, from material inlet rising through the classifying chamber, and is further dispersed by the air stream from the secondary air inlet. The large particles drop out due to their gravity and exit through coarses outlet. The other fine particles are conveyed to the top where they encounter the parallel classifying wheels driven by the interter controlled rotor shafts. When a particle is carried into three classifying wheels by suction air caused by rotational speed, only the finest particles can pass through the classifying wheels and exit along with the air stream through the fines outlet. The dropping coarse particles will be redispersed and reclassified by the upcoming air stream from both the feed and the secondary air. This is the superior improvement to ensure the cleanness of the classified powder.

This is the most typical and efficient arrangement for Ultra Micron Separator operation. Compact flow design with pneumatic separation performs perfect product satisfaction.

The maximum feed rate for UMS-3315 Ultra Micron Separator can be reaching approx. 6.0 ton/hr. The classifying efficiency is depending upon the fineness of feed material, feeding rate, rpm of classifying wheels, desired fineness of end product and kind of material to be classified, etc.

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