vertical mill

Vertical Mill

  • Multi-functions on one machine, low power consumption tends to cost saving and reliable operational conditions.
  • Efficient grinding, separating control the accurate particle sizes and can be applied on a variety of materials.
  • Low noise and vibration, low environmental pollution.
  • High wear resistance and easy maintenance.


Precrushed material is fed on to the rotating table center through the regulating table feeder and the screw feeder combination.


Centrifugal action moves material outwards to the rotating table and grounded by crushing and attrition as it passes under the grinding rollers. Equipped with three rollers are regulating smoothly by the hydraulic pressure of the cylinders. The three rollers are mounted on mill casing so that the grinding rollers run with a closed clearance to the table. During the operation, three rollers press on the table at a constant pressure (60 to 70 kg/cm²), the shock from material biting is absorbed by the accumulator and it would protect the grinding rollers.


Ground material spilling over the grinding table edge is entrained in an annular air stream and is carried up through the mill into the separator mounted on the mill casing. The coarse particles are rejected and fall back into the mill for further grinding whilst classified fines pass through the separator blades. Available with (1) double whizzer type; (2) standard sharp-cut air micron separator; and (3) parallel multi classifying wheels can be supplied for normal, fine and ultra fine powder production.

Air Circuit

Classified fine particle passed through separator is conveyed into a cyclone or pulsaire collector. Air form the cyclone is recycled to the base of the mill by main blower, the air circuit operates under suction reducing dust to a minimum. Besides, the feed with high moisture content, the hot gas can be introduced into the air circuit for simultaneous drying and grinding.

Main features

  • 1 Multi-functions on one machine, low power consumption tends to cost saving and reliable operational conditions.
  • 2 Towards the viewer
  • 3 Fur boa who sat upright
  • 4 Samsa was a travelling salesman
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